Pay Per Minute Phone Chat

Pay Per Minute Phone Chat in 14 Countries

We know how important it is for fans to feel part of your life so that’s why we developed our pay per minute phone chat software.

We can divert calls from your clients to any landline or mobile telephone number in 14 different Countries. What’s more, clients simply call a local rate number in their country, enter their client PIN followed by the operators PIN and get connected instantly. Our system knows exactly how long the client has been on the call and will automatically cut the client off if he runs out of credits.

  • 60% payouts guaranteed to every operator.
  • Set your own rates.
  • Payouts every 7 days on request.
  • Payouts by Bank Transfer or Pre Paid Master Card ®.
  • Calls can be diverted to a landline or mobile number in 14 Countries.
  • Clients call local rate numbers, no premium rate numbers.
  • Turn your phone service on or off in the admin or notify our system by text message.
  • Online account for detailed reporting, revenue and payouts accessible 24/7.
  • Work whenever you want, however you want.

If you already offer phone chat services or you are looking to offer phone chat services, contact us today and take full control of your earning potential.

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Your Account. When logged in you are presented with some drop down menus.

Click on the CallConnect tab and this menu will appear

STEP ONE – Set your pay per minute rates.

Select your preferred currency (British Pounds, US dollars or Euros) from the drop down list. Then set your pay per minute rate.

STEP TWO – Select your divert number.

Choose your country from the drop down list. Enter your phone number (mobile or landline) in the box provided. Then click “Verify me number”. You will receive a voice call from our automated system which will give you your PIN to verify your number. Enter the PIN number in the box provided and you’re all set-up ready to go! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up and verify your number.

STEP THREE – Choose  your Call ME button for your website.

You can select from a variety of options that allow you to choose square or round, large or small and a selection of colour options too.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred button design, press preview to see how it will appear on your website. If you’re happy with it, simply copy and paste the embed code generated. If you want to change the design, just click the options available again.

STEP FOUR – Let everyone know you’re available to chat!

If you’re logged in online, simply click the “ON” button to let the world know you’re available. Your website button will automatically turn to On